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Brison 2.4 ci / 40 cc

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Key Features:

  • NIKASIL Lined Cylinder
  • Custom made, one piece, steel cantilever crankshafts with 3/8-24nf thread. High equality ball & needle bearings throughout
  • Electronic spark advance
  • Detachable engine mount
  • Walbro pump type carburetor
  • Case drilled and tapped for smoke
Engine details:
Price          $499.95 CDN  Availability  In Stock
Height          5.37" Weight  2.75 lbs
Length 5"     Thrust  21 lbs
Width 4.62"   Prop Sizes 18X10, 18X12, 20X8, 20X10

The NEW 2.4 ci / 40 cc features an Automatic Timing Advance Module which eliminates the need of 20 moving parts and greatly improves the reliability and longevity of the engine.

The cylinder/piston assembly is Nikasil lined by Dolmar, USA. The engine also features solid cantilever crankshaft with a single bolt prop hub, (3/8 X 24nf thread), Walbro carb, and the case is drilled and tapped for smoke.

This engine is extremely powerful and reliable. It is best suited for models in the 12 to 18 lb range depending on wing loading. The ignition is included; however the mufflers are sold separately. Please refer to our muffler options on the right.